Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fall, done come and gone.

Fall came and went faster than I wished. The chill on the air, the changing colors, the smell of the leaves, all slipped away too quick. I was working OT for most of it, and studying to take a test in my spare time so the couple times I was able to get out were brief. Fortunately for my sanity and my fishsense I was able to get into some nice wild trout a couple times over the past two months.One of the streams I was able to get up into was pretty cool...there were ruins of a town in the valley where it flowed. It was all destroyed and more than a few people died when a big flood came about a hundred years ago...skipped a lot of holes but caught some fun rainbows. It was good stuff.... Cold and rainy, but the fish don't mind that. Not trout anyway. It can be 29degrees and they will still eat their supper if they can get it. The other stream was just a few drainage basins over along the Blue Ridge here in North Carolina and I got some decent browns. Met a fellow on the stream who had been makin his own small stream rods for a years and got some good pointers. I reckon I could have twice the fun on the small streams with the smaller fish if I was using a 2weight rod...especially if I made it myself. Ahh, another future project to tackle!
Anyway here are some pictures from my last couple trips!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool Mountain Morning

Here are some pictures from a recent early morning fish slaying session. It is probably one of the best mornings I have had fishing I can remember; everything came together! The water was high, but clear. The air was damp and cool. It had rained the whole day prior, but the light broke through just after sunup and I knew it was going to be a good morning. The leaves were just starting to turn. The fish were in full on feeding frenzy it seemed. I have fished this small creek before, but never brought any fish like the two nice browns I tricksed on the inchworm fly. Dreams, really good dreams, aren't usually as good as the reality of the four hours I spent on the creek that morning.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

End of Summer

Fish-shredded flies: It's been a fun summer:)

Was able to fish a wee bit on the ol' Labor day and it was muy productivo in all of the following; fish, fun, and memories. Headed up to a place with Daniella where I new we could find some fish. I really wanted to get her hooked into some fish, so I kind of made it my goal on this day of labor to be the best amateur guide I could be. I showed her all of the limited knowledge I have gained, tried to convey it to her. We were on the water pretty early, maybe 8:30am, earlier than I was expecting anyway.
The fish started coming for me not long after that. Lots and lots of rainbows, mostly 8-10inches. I lost a few bigger fish in the pools after the first headshake. Daniella wasn't getting anything at first, and if she wasn't frustrated, she was looking to be. I told her to just wait and see, she would probably catch the biggest fish of the day. A couple of pools later and that proved to be the case. She hooked, fought and defeated a nice brown that was over a foot, fooling him with an ehc. I can honestly say I have never been so stoked to see someone else catch a nice fish like that, I was ecstatic and still get pumped just replaying the scene and hearing her say "I got one!~"

I know there was a fish under that ledge on the left....

Typical of the 15 or so rainbows for me on the day

Sneaking up on the trout, in the mountains, on a small water; it's the essence of fly fishing

Would have been fun to swim/slide down that fall!

Fish of the day; a wild brown trout

Monday, August 31, 2009

Southern Brooks

Fished a blueline stream that has held up well over the summer; the water levels were still pretty decent and the fish were doing well from what we could gather. This was pretty much a brook trout only creek, with a few brown trouts here and there. We fished pretty much the whole creek, 4 miles and over 1000 feet in elevation change was the total. Lot's of nice little natives were brought in on EHC's, adam's, and prince nymphs. It doesn't get much better than heading to a place like this for a little peace, quiet, fresh air and lots of fun fish!

Just a little stream, it's only 2 durn feet wide, there ain't no fish in it, move along, nothing to see here folks...

A brook trout, at home.

A mushroom full of water.

Looking up into the Garden

Southern brook trout, on the adam's

Salvelinus fontinalis

Salmo trutta

A healthy brook, the stream was full of 'em

Death happens folks.

Until next time...

Monday, August 24, 2009


Fished the upper part of a real popular river in the Mountains this past sunday and could not believe the abundance and quality of the fish. The populations were good and fat... the insect life, man there's a lot of it! We didn't witness a hatch and I didn't see any nymphs under the few rocks I flipped, but we saw dragon flies everywhere, caterpillars and other larvae falling into the creek, and of course plenty of midges.
The lower sections of the river were just not Wild enough for our tastes so we headed up to the little water past all that. This was a pretty epic day of fishing all-in-all considering the number and size of the fish we saw and caught...the scenery wasn't bad either.

The first pool, 6:30AM.

And the bite is on!

One of the feeder creeks just above the first pool.

The side feeder creeks were steep! I hiked up this one a couple hundred yards expecting to come to a nice pool at some point, but didn't it was just continuous falls like this ledge after ledge after went back down to the river and returned on my course.

Baby 'bows were everywhere; the future looks bright.

An average rainbow that couldn't resist the stimulus of the Stimulator.

The "lunch pool"; the water was so cold, clean and clear, almost didn't want to filter it. Just sitting watching the fish feed while we also ate was pretty awesome.

The first and only fish caught in the pool pictured above; hard to get repeat catches in pools like that.

A nice fighting rainbow

A 6" rainbow

A 5" rainbow

Second biggest of the day. (the biggest was not ready for her closeup)

Same fish, very healthy wild brown

Fly of the day

Last pool before hiking back; it was just starting to get steep and the drop-pool pattern was nice. Next time I get back here I am going to fish above this pool to the forks and beyond.