Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Trinity Alps

This was probably the most fish-filled river I have ever fished. High in the Northern California mountains at the southern end of the Cascades, in the Trinity Alps wilderness, lies a river full of giant granite boulders and crystal clear water. Steep through most of it's course, it was prime wild rainbow habitat. Up in the meadows, beneath some alpine lakes, the river was a slow meandering stream with rainbows, browns, and brooks.
The best thing about all of this was the fact that it seems nobody fishes the place; we saw two other fishermen the whole time and that was just as we were leaving our car behind at the trailhead.
Miles and miles of water, full of fish, with nobody fishing it; sounds too good to be true...but it was.
Most people who even go to this place are just hikers going to the lakes or cowboys on horseback, so all of the fish we caught fought and jumped like they had never been caught-because they hadn't!

getting wild.....

...first pool...

...first wild western rainbow (caught over 100 around this 6-8in size range, no exageratting-INSANE fighters)....

....some big honkkin' trees, redwoods?...
...a rattler!......spin-masters Daniella y Joe John Hannas in the meadow.....meadow meander (this picture was not edited at all!).....some 8-inchers fried up chipotle style for lunch, delicious......view from our campsite!.....Daniella n. me in the meadow......still some snow on Sawtooth......below the meadows we got into bigger fish in places like this.....what a beauty, what a fighter for his size! champion fish.....another fighter! 'bout as big as we caught up there......so clean.....DAlejandro getting boulderiffic......probably pretty white at higher flow.......just amazing (the rainbows love the whitewater)......this I took because there was a caddis hatch going on....should have taken VIDEO of the fish slamming the bugs instead! Until next time -f h p


  1. If you dont mind me asking, what trailhead was this?