Friday, August 14, 2009

Eno River

The Eno River is clear, cool stream north of Durham. It is not like most rivers in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain region because it has a nice rocky bottom for most of it's course instead of a sandy silty bottom. Went up to fish for some Redeye bass recently and sometimes I could imagine that I was in the mountains. The Redeye bass is native to the river and only lives in a few streams in northern North Carolina and southern Virginia.

I mainly caught bug bites on this day, and I am still not sure what it was...definitely more bug bites than fish. I caught a lot of fish, mainly small sunfish and bluegill....But I caught a lot more bug bites. I had pictures to prove how many bug bites but I will spare you those.
Cool water, hot day.

A fun little bass

One of many sunfish.

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