Monday, August 31, 2009

Southern Brooks

Fished a blueline stream that has held up well over the summer; the water levels were still pretty decent and the fish were doing well from what we could gather. This was pretty much a brook trout only creek, with a few brown trouts here and there. We fished pretty much the whole creek, 4 miles and over 1000 feet in elevation change was the total. Lot's of nice little natives were brought in on EHC's, adam's, and prince nymphs. It doesn't get much better than heading to a place like this for a little peace, quiet, fresh air and lots of fun fish!

Just a little stream, it's only 2 durn feet wide, there ain't no fish in it, move along, nothing to see here folks...

A brook trout, at home.

A mushroom full of water.

Looking up into the Garden

Southern brook trout, on the adam's

Salvelinus fontinalis

Salmo trutta

A healthy brook, the stream was full of 'em

Death happens folks.

Until next time...


  1. you really shouldn't beach a brookie... hell I avoid even pulling them out of the water! Do you wet your hands before touching a trout?

  2. you're right, shouldn't have beached the brook... also, I always wet my hands.