Saturday, September 12, 2009

End of Summer

Fish-shredded flies: It's been a fun summer:)

Was able to fish a wee bit on the ol' Labor day and it was muy productivo in all of the following; fish, fun, and memories. Headed up to a place with Daniella where I new we could find some fish. I really wanted to get her hooked into some fish, so I kind of made it my goal on this day of labor to be the best amateur guide I could be. I showed her all of the limited knowledge I have gained, tried to convey it to her. We were on the water pretty early, maybe 8:30am, earlier than I was expecting anyway.
The fish started coming for me not long after that. Lots and lots of rainbows, mostly 8-10inches. I lost a few bigger fish in the pools after the first headshake. Daniella wasn't getting anything at first, and if she wasn't frustrated, she was looking to be. I told her to just wait and see, she would probably catch the biggest fish of the day. A couple of pools later and that proved to be the case. She hooked, fought and defeated a nice brown that was over a foot, fooling him with an ehc. I can honestly say I have never been so stoked to see someone else catch a nice fish like that, I was ecstatic and still get pumped just replaying the scene and hearing her say "I got one!~"

I know there was a fish under that ledge on the left....

Typical of the 15 or so rainbows for me on the day

Sneaking up on the trout, in the mountains, on a small water; it's the essence of fly fishing

Would have been fun to swim/slide down that fall!

Fish of the day; a wild brown trout