Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fall, done come and gone.

Fall came and went faster than I wished. The chill on the air, the changing colors, the smell of the leaves, all slipped away too quick. I was working OT for most of it, and studying to take a test in my spare time so the couple times I was able to get out were brief. Fortunately for my sanity and my fishsense I was able to get into some nice wild trout a couple times over the past two months.One of the streams I was able to get up into was pretty cool...there were ruins of a town in the valley where it flowed. It was all destroyed and more than a few people died when a big flood came about a hundred years ago...skipped a lot of holes but caught some fun rainbows. It was good stuff.... Cold and rainy, but the fish don't mind that. Not trout anyway. It can be 29degrees and they will still eat their supper if they can get it. The other stream was just a few drainage basins over along the Blue Ridge here in North Carolina and I got some decent browns. Met a fellow on the stream who had been makin his own small stream rods for a years and got some good pointers. I reckon I could have twice the fun on the small streams with the smaller fish if I was using a 2weight rod...especially if I made it myself. Ahh, another future project to tackle!
Anyway here are some pictures from my last couple trips!