Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Open Country

Preparation, Fly tying: little midge pupae with my new vise (thanks David)

We hit the road the first week in March with California at the end of the long open road before us. Along the way we weren't too worried about finding distractions.

Mogollon people lived here 700 years ago. Crazy little people farmed corn on top of a 6500foot mesa. Crazy little people.

The Gila wilderness was unwilling and unforgiving; Will have to make it back here sometime when it is hot.

Unforgiving...more fire please

Gila river valley with some fresh winter on top.

This winter has no quit in it

We had to stop once or twice for repairs, basic maintenance...

Welcome to the prelude of the beginning of tomorrow

El Rio San Juan, Nuevo Mexico.... a tid bit nippy, but far from lifeless.

There were midges everywhere, it was disgustingly awesome

Nothing comes close to successful dry fly fishing on the most infamous of Western nymphing water. The griffiths gnat was a decent imitation of mating midge clusters.

Rainbow, release!

Around lunker alley, the surface activity slowed so it was time to strip

Bloodsport from stripping the streamer, sz 4 buggah. Lost a real lunker after this deep in the hole...

Floating past the spirits of the navajo peoples on old route 666

Arizona, lookin at Mount Humphrey, next stop the In N Out burger and california...