Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coastal Rainbows

Since arriving in the Golden state I have mainly been consumed with work and getting settled in to my new old home. In between I have been able to set up my vise and tie some flys as well as spend a couple mornings out on some skinny fresh waters near the Pacific. These streams were in the Los Padres National Forest, which is a huge expanse, divided into different sections/districts. It continues to amaze me how much of California is wilderness, how many streams are seemingly never fished, and how beautiful it is. Here are some pictures from these short excursions

Sunset north of Los Padres forest

A kestrel flying away with it's catch (snake or lizard)

A little stegosuarus ridge in the Los Padres.

A horny toad!

Newts doing the natural. Smelled like sulfur all around here. Lots of oil under these hills.

The most exciting fish are those who appear in places where you expect little or nothing.
This lady appeared in a small plunge pool, at the end of Danielles line, when I was about to classify the stream fishless!

Some big falls, maybe an 80footer.

Along the trail...

California may have about 40million people, but it's also home to many wilderness areas
which most hoodads n' city slickers don't even know exist.

Headin' up into them hills

Lupines in the morning sun

This tom wanted to fight, came right up to the car; I would have liked to kill him and eat him,
but we weren't prepared for that

Morning mist and the mountains beyond

John fools one with his spinnah

Another rainbow fooled by the spinnermasters

Big water on the falls

Lots of chutes

A pool chock full of rainbows!

Alex's rainbow;

A little coastal rainbow; look at those colors and marking! Never seen a fish like this before,
almost looks like it's part golden trout.

The UC Santa Cruz mascot.

Down, down, down, down the water falls commanded by it's master mister gravity.

Hmm, wonder what's just around that big rock....

A big hole, definitely some undiscovered mysteries hiding in there.

Drink it in

Moss and ferns drip, drip, dripping.

My first coastal rainbow on the fly! Picture certainly doesn't
do this guy justice. Amazing dark spots almost covering his whole body,
all camo'ed up for the volcanic rock surroundings.

Pacific ocean swallowing up another little creek, as the horizon prepares to swallow the sun.