Monday, June 7, 2010

Sheep Mountain Stream Dreams

After sometime looking at topos and satellite images it was determined that making a hump on foot into the wilderness would be a decent way to spend part of the memorial day weekend. The area targeted was definitely deserving of the title "wilderness." A place where road building had been attempted twice, and failed twice. It was pretty rugged. The hike in was a beast, but as with most things, that little bit of extra effort you put in, and pain you may endure, generally leads to better results. In our case it was rewarded with an incredible experience and no doubt lasting memories.
Some hippies, for sure, on the hike in

Spin master couldn't wait to wet his line

It's a yucca, sucka

Super fast lizard

We saw some bighorn sheep (these are females).
Many feared these were extinct from the area.

Chasing them up the cliff

Look at the babies, too

Eventually got to a good campsite and started to feesh, started getting dinks right away

The water looked better than the fish it produced for us

On top of that, there was major photo fail. This one is kind of neat though

This was as far upstream as I got, what an awesome run this was. Missed two solid strikes and then had SOMETHING break me off right next to that big boulder on the right. On this hole, Fish: 1, Fishhunter: 0

Makin' some dinner

Stream-cooled dessert : )

The next morning we got on it bright and early and the feesh were awake

The rainbows were darker colored up this drainage, very cool

Snow melt, straight up

Caught tons of 'bows, lost count between us

The spin master's beast

Came to this pool and the day was getting hot. Fished it and then had to feel it's icy waters for ourselves


Flower in the rock

The water speeding up, dropping fast, into the Narrows