Saturday, September 11, 2010


Made it up to Yo recently with a hearty group of adventurers. It was my first time there and it was hard to not just sit and stare at El Cap losing all sense of time

An atypical view of El capitan.

There is a river, in the valley....What a place!

Got onto the water nice n' early one day and proceeded to have about 3 hours of about the best trout fishing I could imagine. They were hitting everything, yellow stimis on the surface and big PTs about 2 feet deep, it was like a dream.

Personal best rainbow trout. Took the stimi on the surface like a freight train with reckless abondon, there were yellow jackets and bees all over around this hole and maybe he had been feeding on them before I got my fly in his lane. Thought I was going to lose him a few times, glad I didn't


After the water started to warm i figured it was time to give the fish a break, so went for a snorkel in the water and got some cool underwater shots/video. Snorkeling is like the discovery channel, except way better

After lunch, as the sun started to drop behind the ridges and the water began to cool, we fished further upstream and had fun with equal parts bouldering/rock climbing plus fishing.

Lots of juicy critters fer eatin...yellow stoneflie larvae I think

Yosemite Valley