Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Los Padres Rainbows

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cold Creek

Got out to a rather infamous crick on the way back from Mammoth this weekend. I figures I wouldn't have another chance to feesh this place anytime soon, so despite the cold and snow I gave it a whirl.
Usually I don't mention all the times I head out and DON'T catch fish on here, actually I never do, until now anyway. Yea, I got completely dominated by this not-so hot creek. It was real cold to me on this bluebird day. Hiking through the snow, which was a couple feet deep in spots, was worth it though. The peace of the stream buffered by all the white stuff was beautiful. Worked downstream with streamers for the first hour or so, without any action at all. After turning to work back upstream I saw some midges hatching sporadically and quickly dying, falling to their graves atop the white powder. I tied on a #20 midge to 6x, but it was fruitless. I saw one fish rise right next to my fly, but not on it. Time to get real and buy some 7x.
Failing to prepare is preparing to fail...

The creek; I was the only one there.

Mount Williamson et al

Pretty much the coolest thing I saw was this little deer come up about 25 feet from me on the opposite bank, give me a sniff and long eyeballing, then just walk into the middle of the creek and start chowing down on creek weeds.