Monday, August 22, 2011

Secret Falls

Danielle and I recently made a quick trip to our favorite river in this Golden state and discovered new territory and willing fish. I have been to this drainage a handful of times now and no matter what specific location or time of year it is always rewarding. This day was perfect on every level. I cannot remember if I have ever fished a stream this size where I was able to specifically target fish in the ten inch plus range. It was amazing fun. Buggers, PT hackles, and bushy dries all produced. I was even fortunate enough to get my first double rainbow! A solid twelve incher and a five incher at the same time, which was actually the smallest fish of the day.

The highlight was coming to an unexpected waterfall that had a perfect pool at its base. We reckoned most years this fall would not look remotely like this in August, but with the amazing water year we've enjoyed it was in beautiful form. The pool also held living beauty. I saw a legit fish in the sixteen inch range cruise toward a perfect root ball along one of the banks never to be seen again. I did get his little brother out of the pool though, capping off the fishing for the day.

First fish
The morning sun peeking through

Trout ninja

Very healthy fish here, save the metacercariae

Can you spot the fish hunter?

The secret falls.

About average size for the day.

Little fighter


One of the nicer specimens

This is the last fish of the day from the base of our falls; he put up a tough fight that lasted longer than his size would lead you to believe and I almost lost him multiple times at the net.
I will be back to inspect the rootball soon!