Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Be Still. Heady Thinking.

The Northwest is good.  Once you get off I 5.

This statement is almost wholly truth.

Sometimes you don't have to get too far off.

Sit still and calm.  Let the raging water wash your ears.  Your mind.

Just stand there, in the river.  Look down at your two unique leg eddies.  Soak.  In the eddy.

Rig up and toss some nymphs.

High stick it for invisible high fives from the nonexistent spectators.  Save Van and D, but they don't throw fives.

Catch some feisty trout, let em splash and jump who cares if they come off.  I do not own a clicker counter.

What are we doing here?  Steelhead are running...but not here.  Am I scared of real steel?

North into Oregon...

We go for the non anadromous varieties is a matter of logistics, not fear of the beastly and mysterious silver monsters.

Creeks gush out of one to one slopes, no apparent reason.  No warning.

This is normal here.  So are barefoot hikers.

Hot and cold, small fish...where are the fish?

Lets sit and feel the warmth, to our bones.  It would be more satisfying if that pack of dudes wasn't here...

Into the clear water our eyes pierce.

No fish exposed, they have to hide in holes.

The trout are fish eaters here, so we're told...we have no empirical evidence.

Into the soup canyon, tighten your face.

The brutes are still here.

They fight. they run, they charge.

Orange is my color, I wear it, I cast giant flies of the same hue with an 8wt.

This is not tiring.

Wait, it's dark.

The steel abides.

Live each day completely ready to be proven wrong.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Fish Huntin' Van

First time seen, first time fished!

Our new pup Van on his first fishing trip in the Central Coast backwoods, inspecting a solid local.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Upper, Upper

The back, back woods.

Of Southern California.

A place where the wildlife footprints outnumber the domestic by a significant margin.

We had been talking and planning to hit this spot for literally years without ever even coming close. Since I am starting my new job soon after months of unemployment and Danielle's boss was out of the office most of the week, we made haste to this wilderness destination.

We spent three days off the grid and it was all incredible.

I can't really talk about this trip anymore.... I will share a few pictures because they speak to what we experienced more than anything I could write.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fish Hunters

Much has happened in the past five months; moved out of smelLA, planted a garden, built a deck and got married. Danielle and I made a quick day trip to the wilderness during our honeymoon and it was reconfirmed to us that there are not many places as special as the Central Coast area of California.

The contrasts and the grandeur are unique; from dry arroyos to dripping rainforests streams, pungent and crispy chaparral to groves of redwood.

On the surface we were not much more than hikers, covering over ten times as many miles as the number of fish caught, but together we are los cazadores de peces, forever.

Giant ferns in a small side gully, water oozing out of a spring.

Danielle in a sea of native grass.

Not a steelhead.

If you look closely you can see the biggest Pajaro sucker I have ever laid eyes on.

The word drought gets thrown around a lot... please rain more.