Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Fish Hunters

Much has happened in the past five months; moved out of smelLA, planted a garden, built a deck and got married. Danielle and I made a quick day trip to the wilderness during our honeymoon and it was reconfirmed to us that there are not many places as special as the Central Coast area of California.

The contrasts and the grandeur are unique; from dry arroyos to dripping rainforests streams, pungent and crispy chaparral to groves of redwood.

On the surface we were not much more than hikers, covering over ten times as many miles as the number of fish caught, but together we are los cazadores de peces, forever.

Giant ferns in a small side gully, water oozing out of a spring.

Danielle in a sea of native grass.

Not a steelhead.

If you look closely you can see the biggest Pajaro sucker I have ever laid eyes on.

The word drought gets thrown around a lot... please rain more.