Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seasonal Sights

Here are some shots from the Spring, Summer, and now.... Fall.

The drought is pervasive, fields of green turned to fields of gold long ago.  The past few months have brought on fields of brown, dirt, cowpies, dust, get yer kerchief.
Hopefully we will be blessed with some Winter soon, wet stuff, wet anything would be nice.


 Castor canadensis evidence.
 Van loves water.  He loves cold water.  His favorite temperature is maybe 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
 They are sucking our freshwater milkshake in the Estrella basin.
 The SY not running, just barely existing as a liquid body.
 A very bright chromer, very angry, very strong.
Another visitor from the ocean.

 .....long on work, short on fishing...
 Exhibit A

 A river a midst redwoods and tan-oaks
 Muy seco.
Early morning oak shadows on the golden glow blanket.

Deep canyons, less sun, more water..

Stream keeping cool

Fish hunting.