Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pesca, fresca, etcetera

After a long literal drought in my area, and corresponding droughts in pursuit of pesca, the leaves have been turning a different hue.

Here are some of the highlights from the past two months of good times spent in and on the water.

 Doradoa, Mexico.

 Yellow Fin Tuna, Mexico.

Yellow Fin Tuna, Mexico.

The Grandpa at Sea, Mexico.

 Rainbow Trout, California.

 Trout house, California.

 Fish on for B, California.

 El Canyon, California.

 Danielle's first Cutthroat Trout, Utah.

 Cutthroat Trout, Utah.

 Castor Canadensis product, Utah.

 Shining Brown Trout, Utah.

 Brown Trout Face, Utah.

 Mountain White Fish, Utah.

 Fall on the river, Utah.

Aspen colors, Utah.

Uninhibited Upward Ascent

Just a chart
Means more to me
Than it maybe should
Nearly wet my eyes
The heart swells with joy
Feel the energy it implicitly describes